If you or your organization assists the homeless, are located in or provide services in one of ECHO’s covered counties you should become a member now.  Federal funding for homeless programs mandate collaboration and coordination with other service organizations in your area.  For our 12 counties, ECHO is the CoC lead organization.  Download and complete the ECHO Membership Application below:

Click here to download membership application

Members in ECHO, a HUD CoC, has many benefits for individuals and Agencies, including:

  • Can apply for HUD CoC grants
  • Network with other organizations and individuals involved with assisting the homeless at ECHO monthly membership meetings
  • Attend ECHO workshops on grant applications
  • Get technical assistance on existing grants or grant applications
  • Be part of ECHO’s HUD-required Coordinated Entry System (CES) which prioritizes PSH and RRH beds
  • Have access to to ECHO’s HUD-required HMIS for improved client/service data — a requirement by most all funding sources for homeless programs.

Membership is inexpensive — the annual fee is only $30 for an individual or $100 for an organization.  Membership for organizations with one ore more ECHO HUD CoC grants is included in the grant application fee.